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Kids are busybodies. They’re constantly moving, whether it be to go to school or other additional activities, seeing their friends and family, and just learning how to take care of themselves. With how busy they are and how much goes into being a kid, it can be easy for them to forget to do certain important things such as brushing their teeth. Some kids may also just be resistant to the act of brushing their teeth, saying they don’t care or just looking for any way to avoid it. It’s important that children learn proper dental hygiene early on, so here are a few great ways to get your kids to stay caught up on brushing their teeth.

Routine, Routine, Routine

One of the best ways to get children to stick to any important activity is to start a routine. Children are creatures of habit, and by having them repeat the same activities or processes every day around the same time, they’re more likely to stick to it. Many parents utilize bedtime routines and wake up routines in order to get their children used to these healthy habits. Perhaps a bedtime routine will start with a bath, followed by brushing their teeth and then bedtime. Be sure you don’t let children off the hook during special occasions such as vacations or long days either otherwise they may fall off their routine.

Make It Fun

A great way to get kids to stick with brushing their teeth – and even enjoy it – is to make it fun! Make a game out of the activity, something they’ll look forward to each morning and evening. The act of brushing your teeth should take about two minutes and there are plenty of videos, songs, and apps that can help your child make the most of those two minutes while having fun at the same time. Be as creative as possible if you’re looking to really get your kids hooked on brushing their teeth.

Set A Good Example

One of the most important things you can do in order to get your kids to stick with their dental hygiene is to set a good example for them. Children tend to emulate their parents in a lot of ways, and brushing their teeth tends to fall into that category as well. When you brush your teeth, try to do it with your child or around your child, and show them all the proper parts of the teeth brushing routine. Make sure you brush for two minutes, floss, and use mouthwash. By doing these things every day twice a day, it’s more likely your children will follow suit.