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No matter which culture you are rooted in, food and family will always take center stage. Memories that combine the two are the most cherished of all. When families get together to create fun recipes, it also instills a sense of proper eating habits early on and teaches kids that cooking doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun and exciting as well.

A make-your-own setup can be applied to any dish, whether it’s appetizers, main courses, or desserts. Having the whole family together to prep the toppings and the custom add-ons is also the perfect time to encourage experimental tasting. Let them taste everything they are cooking or baking. This will broaden their palettes and make them open-minded as they get older. Let them build their own nachos, tacos, and pizzas to see what flavors they like together. Even if they discover they dislike something, they are still learning about their taste preferences.

Some ideas for make-your-own desserts include non-savory twists on familiar foods like pizza and tacos. It is also fun to expand on traditional ideas like ice cream sundaes, but with wilder toppings. 

In the summertime, there are countless ways to take advantage of fresh produce and outdoor grills. Sitting around a campfire is the perfect invitation for s’mores, and the s’mores of today have evolved way beyond the old standby ingredients developed by Betty Crocker in the 1930s. Nowadays, people have been known to incorporate cookie dough, peanut butter, bacon, and fruit, among others. The vessel has even gotten an upgrade from a messy graham cracker to an ice cream cone

There is a longstanding history of pride and tradition when it comes to making baked goods, and family movie night is a perfect excuse to get creative with artisanal snacks. Instead of using instant microwave popcorn, get your kids involved with making movie theater pretzel bites from scratch. Bakers around the world will agree that learning to make any dough properly and the satisfaction that comes from creating something magnificent out of nothing is like no other feeling in the world. Your kids will see how exciting it is to watch dough rise and transform, while also getting to feel the hands-on process of working with bread. Nothing tastes better than food that you had a hand in creating.