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Crafting with your toddler is one of the best things you can do with them. Not only are you able to spend quality time with them, but you are also helping to challenge their mind to imagine and form problem-solving skills. Playing and using their imagination helps to refine both their gross and fine motor coordination. Every new challenge that is tackled provides a new neural pathway connection for a toddler. Understandably, parents might not know exactly what types of crafts they can do with a toddler, since they might not have the best of comprehension and motor skills just yet. In order to help, here are five easy crafts to do with a toddler.

Play-Doh Art

Who doesn’t remember playing with Play-Doh as a child? The mushy material that lets you build whatever came into your mind was an amazing experience that helped mold the minds of many of us during our own pre-school years. The good news is that not only is Play-Doh still around, but it’s also non-toxic. Using Play-Doh to create works of art is an easy and quick way to craft with your child.

Hand Tree Craft

Trees are an amazing thing for your child to see. The waving of the branches and the multitude of colors it provides throughout the year are simply a sight to behold for any toddler. What better way to bring that awe into the home than by making your own hand-tree? Sit with your child, gather some finger paint of various colors, and show them how to make an imprint of their hand. This can act as the base of the tree. For the branches the possibilities are endless. One example is to use cotton swaps in place of a paintbrush. Whichever materials you have lying around are sufficient. There is no wrong answer when it comes to art. 

Construction Paper Collage

Not only can be difficult to spontaneously acquire strings, clips, hot glue, and other traditional crafting materials but also they might be a little dangerous for a toddler. One option that is safe is creating a construction paper collage. Construction paper is an amazing material as it not only provides you with a multitude of colors, but it’s relatively cheap to purchase.