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Aaron Parthemer


Aaron Parthemer is a financial services industry professional living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he’s working as the President and Founder of his business, PMG Private CFO Services, offering his time as a Private CFO and Tax Strategist.

In his 20 year plus career, Aaron has worked with hundreds of professional athletes – primarily those in the NFL – to not only ensure that their tax filings are accurate, legal, and within the given tax code, but to also create significant value for these players and fill the vast gap that exists in the industry when it comes to servicing professional athletes. 

Since these athletes travel constantly and are playing in new states and new cities each week, they need to incorporate a filing for each location in which they play – and are thus employed – which can be tedious and a long, drawn-out process. Aaron works to stay 3-4 steps ahead of each new tax law so that he can get each of his clients into the best position to see their taxes as low as possible.

Aaron Parthemer’s mentality when it comes to his clients is that he wants to be able to be a one-stop-shop and help them with all things financial. Whether it’s paying their bills or buying them cars and houses, Aaron wants to ensure that the needs of the professional athletes with which he works are met. 

Outside of his career, Aaron is a family man who loves nothing more than spending time with his wife and their child.  Aaron met his current wife in 2010 and knew immediately that he wanted to be with her for life. The two decided to have a child together, and Aaron Jr. was born. When they first got married, he was at the top of his career and had it all but by 2015 Aaron and his family were faced with extreme adversity.  But as life continued to have its tumultuous ups and downs, Aaron’s wife never wavered or left his side; even as he experienced turmoil that would have given many people pause to continue, Aaron’s wife was there by his side, never faltering in her offering of support. When all of the hardships culminated in his mother falling ill, Aaron’s wife recommended she move into their home so they could take care of her, an act that few wives would ever have considered. Aaron Parthemer attributes his life and success to the kind-heartedness of this woman and the compassion and love she gave him. 

Learn more about Aaron Parthemer, his career in finance, and his family and their pastimes, please visit his blog page and be sure to check back often for the latest updates from Aaron!

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